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A Guide on Taxi Insurance Near Me and Licencing.

You have landed on the right page if you are searching for taxi insurance near me. We can help you with all of your taxi insurance needs. Purchasing insurance for cab drivers is a challenging affair. However, at Protect My Taxi, we make choosing the right taxi coverage ASAP. For those who want taxi insurance, we have compiled a straightforward and thorough guide to assist you. If you are looking for ways to “Taxi Insurance Near Me,” then this forum is for you.

Whether you’re a rookie cab driver or have decades of work expertise, if you’re interested in school or chauffeur agreements, our professional staff can help you handle the taxi license registration procedure. With this information, you can receive a cab driver coverage quotation from us and select the perfect coverage for you and your taxi.

With this knowledge, you can confidently acquire a Chauffeur Car Insurance quote from us and discover the right policy for you and your taxi.

What Does “Taxi” Mean?

Although this question may initially seem trivial, it holds significant importance in understanding what qualifies a vehicle for taxi and conventional insurance. 

A taxi, sometimes known as a small cab, black cab, or chauffeur vehicle, is a registered vehicle that transports people for a fee and is usually equipped with a cab meter. Taxis often have four to nine seats. If your car has more than 9 seats, DOSA will issue you a license based on the region you operate in. You can customize some vehicles to transport handy people.

What Are the Steps to Becoming a Cab Driver?

There are rules and laws in the United Kingdom to safeguard riders and cab drivers. It implies that transporting people for a fee without the required permissions is prohibited. ‘Plating’ is a procedure that all cars must go through. When a driver’s local government or administration allows the vehicle to transport people, this is what happens.  Then, you can carry passengers from place to place for hire and reward purposes.

Licences for Taxis

When registering for a taxi license, you must first pick which sort of cab driver you wish to be. There are 2 categories of taxi drivers:

  1. Private Hire Taxi (Black Cabs, Limousine, Lyft) — Private rental cabs are pre-booked cabs that transport customers for hire and reward. Taxi drivers who work for private hiring cannot be flagged down on the road.
  2. Public Hire Taxi (Hackney Carriage, Black Cab) — can flag down Public Hire Taxi on the street, wait for at taxi ranks, and driven to pre-arranged destinations. As a result, the application procedure may be more extensive and time-consuming than the approach to becoming a private hire driver.

You Must Be Able to Work Lawfully in the UK to Apply for a Private or Public Hire Taxi Licence.

  • Possess a valid UK or EU driver’s license for at least one year.
  • You must also be a ‘fit and suitable person,’ meaning you will investigate your past and character. The Clearance and Barring may conduct an additional felony convictions check for your council (DBS).
  • Different counties have distinct expectations, so you must talk to yours to determine what they want. The following are some examples of additional requirements:
  • A medical assessment
  • A ‘Learning’ examination measures your understanding of the roads in the region where you want to work.
  • A separate driving test

Which Form of Taxi Insurance Do I Need?

All cars operated on a public road must always carry at least third-party insurance, according to the 1988 Road Traffic Act. It is to ensure that if a third person or their car or property is damaged. Would reimburse the expenses of repair. All drivers will be financially secure as a result of this. When it comes to insurance, there are many levels of coverage to select from. You can choose between a basic level of coverage required by law and a whole load of comprehensive insurance. The cost of Fleet Taxi Insurance varies based on the degree of protection you choose.

The Following Are the Different Degrees of Protection:

  • 3rd Party Only Taxi Insurance – This is the bare minimum of coverage and does not include damages within your car if you are guilty of a crash. As a result, this taxi coverage is usually the cheapest.
  • 3rd party Fire and Theft Taxi Insurance — This is identical to 3rd party only coverage, but it comes with a few more perks. This coverage will protect your car if it is robbed or harmed by a disaster.

A Completely Comprehensive Taxi Insurance Near Me–

At Protect My Taxi, we offer the most comprehensive level of coverage regarding taxi insurance near me, and it is also the most popular. 95% of our existing clients choose this insurance coverage grade. All third-party, fire, and theft coverage is covered, as is any unintentional damage to your car. We have offices across the whole UK.