Opt for Insurance for Private Hire Cars!

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Fleet Insurance for Private Hire Cars and Public Vehicles

You will benefit from fleet insurance for private hire cars if you have more than two vehicles. It does not matter whether your taxi fleet contains multiple cars, minibusses, or limousines. If you look from a management point of view, once your vehicle fleet is rated as a fleet for insurance purposes, it will make your life easy and secure whenever you renew or change your Taxi Fleet Insurance policy.

If you have a taxi business working as a fleet of taxi cabs, minibusses for hire, or a mixture of taxi vehicles, we will enable you to get a fleet taxi insurance quote right now.

Taxi Fleet Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Fleet Insurance is a cost-effective way of insuring multiple vehicles, whether you need public hire insurance or private car insurance. If you have various vehicles, it is challenging to keep track of them, but if you insure them under one policy, it will be far better for you don’t have to keep track of the individual vehicle.

Features of Fleet Taxi Insurance

We will discuss the features of taxi fleet insurance:

It Will Cover All Types of Vehicles

Your fleet might comprise many types of vehicles, whether minicabs, minibosses, or cars. We will be able to cover all types of vehicles if you have less than five vehicles. Insuring them under a standard taxi insurance policy will be better, but a fleet taxi insurance policy will be best if you have more than five vehicles.

You should contact our insurance providers, and we will recommend a suitable policy for your business.

24-Hour Claim Assistance for Your Vehicle

Your drivers are most likely to be on the road for most of their time. Therefore, our 24-hour claim assistance will support you if you need help in the event of a non-fault claim. We will provide you with a replacement vehicle of a similar type that suits your fleet.

Flexible Fleet Taxi Insurance Covers That Suit Your Requirements.

We will offer you three levels of coverage according to your requirements. We will provide you with Third-party only(minimum level of cover), Third-party fire & theft(intermediate level of cover), or fully comprehensive(highest level of body). Also, it gives you the advantages of each shell and will run you through precisely what you are covered for each policy.

They can cover taxi businesses all over the UK. You just have to contact us; our taxi fleet insurance brokers are always there.

How to Make a Claim?
  • If you want to make a claim, we will fix it quickly.
Find Your Documents
  • You must collect your information plus your policy number.
Contact Our Claim Team
  • You can contact us and explain what exactly happened.
Provide Snaps if Asks
  • You can help us by providing pictures of what happened.

Kinds of Insurance for Private Hire Cars 

There are some main kinds of taxi fleets plus insurance for private hire cars that you can get.

  • Public Liability:

Taxi businesses are always required to be ready for liability claims from members of the public, so you should have public liability insurance.

  • Employer’s Liability:

If you have public liability in place, you should also get an employer’s liability to get coverage that will protect you from employee claims.

  • Legal Expenses:

Fighting a liability claim can be very costly, so taxi insurance companies in the UK emphasize having legal expenses included in their fleet taxi insurance.

  • Breakdown:

You can get coverage for road breakdowns in a Taxi Fleet Policy for an extra cost.

  • Road Risks:

It does not matter whether you want to get insurance for private hire cars or standard car insurance. You must get coverage for road risks, which means you must get at least a third-party-only policy. If you want the highest level of protection, you should get a fully comprehensive approach.