Private Hire Insurance Monthly – How Much Does It Cost?

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Private hire insurance monthly is an affordable option. Protect My Taxi Insurance offers a cost-effective Private Hire Taxi Insurance plan that can be obtained despite the situation. Whether you want annual taxi insurance or a short-term insurance policy, we have got you covered.

Private hire insurance covers all taxi drivers who require a reservation. Because of our access to a broad panel of specialized insurers, we can give highly low-cost insurance quotes to private hire taxi drivers throughout the UK.

Minicab, Short-Term Private Hire Insurance Monthly, and Reward Insurance

We have monthly private hire Fleet Insurance and three-month (90-day) PH taxi insurance options. You can choose the one that suits you the best.

We provide short-term private hire plans through various programs with one of the UK’s leading taxi insurance providers. Our goal is to work with you. Whatever the scenario, we can meet your needs. You may only require temporary insurance during peak seasons or between jobs. If you would like to speak with one of our helpful staff members, please call 0161 711 0066.

We Are Professionals in Private Hire Insurance Management.

We serve a variety of clientele and can handle all of your taxi fleet insurance needs, from monthly to annual policies that experts can hold. We have several different types of contracts with private and public hire insurance. Regardless of where they are in the UK, all drivers authorized to operate a vehicle for hire or reward must have private hire insurance.

If you prefer to avoid paying for your insurance all at once, we offer policies that allow you to spread the cost out for the year in equal monthly payments. This will enable you to manage your finances successfully.

As a cab driver, you have to be concerned about both your use of the road and the risks posed by other drivers. If you have a comprehensive private hire insurance UK policy, you will be protected against the risks that all drivers face.

Benefits of Purchasing Private Hire Insurance With Protect My Taxi Include:

  • 24/7 claims helpline
  • Recovery of uninsured losses is included
  • Available windscreen covering
  • Insurance for total loss, third-party fire and theft, and third-party only.
  • Available insurance coverage options include extensive, third-party fire and theft, and 3rd party only.
  • Affordable prices & promotions
  • Replacement Private Hire vehicles for incidents that weren’t your fault so you could keep working

Commonly Asked Questions Include:

Will I Be Able to Earn a No-Claims Bonus if I Buy Several Short-Term Policies?

Given that there have been no gaps in coverage and no-fault accidents, several of our short-term insurers will grant a 12-month or a four-quarter no-claims bonus with no holes.

Will I Get a Refund if I Cancel My Insurance Before the Expiration of the Temporary Insurance?

Unfortunately, the insurers we do business with do not refund premiums if a short-term policy is canceled.

Will I Get a Letter of Renewal?

When your insurance is up for renewal, a member of our renewal team will call you to let you know.

Do You Offer Automatic Renewal?

Unfortunately, in this case, no; however, we will simply call you and swiftly renew over the phone to make things as simple as possible.

For Private Hire Insurance Monthly, Will I Get My Documents by Email or Regular Email?

In exceptional circumstances, we may post documents; however, most of our clients prefer to receive documents by email to have an electronic copy. Please don’t hesitate to call us at (617) 711-0066 if you have any questions. We can provide Hire and Reward insurance for private hire taxis, and we work with several insurers across the UK under our name to provide private hire insurance monthly.

Call our qualified and experienced team today for a monthly private hire taxi insurance estimate. For any taxi insurance, compare the market to get an overall idea of the insurance premiums.