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Both black cabs and Private Hire Insurance quotes online are not designed equal. A taxi license and insurance are legally required if you operate any vehicle for commercial passenger transportation. Taxi insurance is required for all kinds of private hire vehicles, as well as public hire vehicles like hackney carriages. Policies can cover more than just your typical black cab.

Our panel of insurers allows you to select suitable coverage for your company, including options for MPVs, minibusses, chauffeurs, wedding car drivers, and schoolchildren’s transportation. You can get fully comprehensive, third-party fire and theft or any type of taxi fleet insurance.

What Does “Private Hire Insurance” Entail?

To legally transport people for pay and reward, a driver must also make reservations in advance with a private hire operator. This is why private employment insurance was specifically designed for these drivers. Standard insurers’ Fleet Taxi Insurance plans are insufficient if you work as a professional passenger driver; you need a specialized motor insurance policy.

Such a policy often covers your car in the event of a fire, theft, or unintentional damage. Extra protection is frequently offered for:

  • Use only for social, domestic, and recreational purposes within the continent
  • Management of Motor Legal Expenses and Claims
  • None Made Bonus after one year plus unlimited Replacement or repair of a windshield
  • Public liability insurance protects you in the event. That a passenger in your car is injured.
  • Cover Celebrities’ Carriage.

Get Private Hire Insurance Quotes Online.

Get the most affordable private hire taxi insurance quotes online in the UK with Protect My Taxi.

As you know, expertise is precious in the taxi industry. And we have enough of it after 20 years of caring for thousands of taxi drivers throughout the UK. We understand that time is money. So, speed is our primary focus. We will send you the insurance papers as soon as feasible. So, mark that task off your list and begin your shift.

We know that driving is your source of income and that being off the road while not working is difficult. To ensure a like-for-like plated taxi vehicle to get you back on the road fast after an accident, we collaborate with one of the largest garage networks in the nation.

Specialists in Private Hire Taxi Insurance

We understand that taxi fleet plus insurance is one of a driver’s most significant expenses, so getting the most terrific bargain on the most appropriate level of protection is essential. Therefore, we ensure that our charges are among the lowest available and offer more coverage as standard than any other taxi insurer.

Protect My Taxi’s insurance comes standard with windscreen coverage. Our excess reduction option safeguarded no claims in the event. If an uninsured motorist hits you, we are confident that we won’t be outbid on price for this level of coverage.

The Benefits of Getting Insured by Protect My Taxi

Our primary focus areas are private hire, public hire, executive car, and Uber taxi insurance. We only deal with Taxi Insurance and are the best at what we do. It means we have a thorough grasp of the sector and have developed solutions to meet UK taxi drivers’ needs. Following are some of the advantages of working with us

  • The most complete coverage is included “as standard.” On that, we are convinced that we cannot equal ourselves.
  • Centered on speed, we know your cover needs to be arranged ASAP because time is money.
  • To make it simpler for our customers to handle their policies, we continually invest in technology.
  • Excellent history with new driver pricing. No claims in less than two years? We are confident we can get the best price for you.
  • Our Trustpilot rating speaks for itself. We put a lot of effort into keeping our 5-star, Excellent rating.
  • We regularly conduct research to inform you of changes impacting taxi drivers in the UK.
  • We have one of the highest rates of industry-wide customer renewals. Customers who already join us don’t need to seek elsewhere.
  • Throughout the year, we run a claims assistance team in the UK.

What Will the Cost of My Private Hire Insurance Quote Online Be?

A few distinct factors will affect how much a private hire taxi insurance UK coverage will cost. The value of your car, driving record, age, experience as a cab driver, and the type of coverage. Your purchase will all be factors considered by insurance carriers when determining your rate. To get private hire insurance quotes online, get in touch with us.