Taxi & Private Hire Liability Up to 9 Seats

Fleet Insurance

Identified Needs & Characteristics of Target Market

  • To be able to operate as a taxi driver/private hire driver, the insured will often require liability insurance to cover their liability for any loss or damage to third parties as well as their employees (if applicable) whilst carrying out their duties.

Agents are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that the insurance policy offered meets the customer’s stated needs

Why product is Consistent with Market & Needs

  • The product has multiple cover levels to ensure customers are not being charged for cover they do not need
  • The product can cater for sole traders as well as limited companies

Although the product is designed for the target market indicated, the Agent is responsible for individual suitability assessment

Market Analysis, Cover features & Differentials/USP

  • Rated upon a per vehicle operated basis
  • Legal and court attendance fees covered
  • The policy can accept up to 50 vehicles
  • Choose from £5m and £10m limits of indemnity
  • Employer’s Liability Extension Available

Overall Value Statement

(Identifying any known groups within target market for whom the product may NOT provide fair value)

  • Retail Customers
  • Large vehicles with over 9 seats
  • Fleets of over 50 vehicles
  • Indemnity limit of over £10m required
  • Operators relying on Sub-Contractors for more than 20% of annual turnover