Understanding the Best Private Hire Insurance!

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Answers to Your Questions About the Best Private Hire Insurance

Enter the reliable private hire insurance market with Protect My Taxi, where we are recognised as leaders in the London and UK markets. As industry leaders, we focus on customising taxi insurance policies to meet the unique requirements of private hire drivers. Our insurance solutions have a wealth of experience—25 years—and are specifically tailored to support professional road-based firms, especially when it comes to commercial vehicle insurance. We’ve assembled thorough answers to FAQs based on our extensive experience to help our esteemed proposers. Although we hope this information will be helpful, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance. For detailed information about the Private Hire Vehicle Insurance coverage options, browse our website. Because your safety is our main priority.

What Vehicles Are Permit Under the Best Private Hire Insurance Policy?

Private hire coverage does not cover any other vehicle outside the one listed on the policy.

Does the private hire taxi insurance include a mileage cap? None of our private hire policies are without a mileage cap. Although some insurers might inquire about your expected yearly mileage, you are not bound by this.

Is Public Liability Insurance for Taxis Included?

We offer insurance plans with a standard coverage of up to £5 million for disputes related to tax liability. All other insurers either provide a standalone package to complement your private hire fleet insurance or offer an optional extension for public liability.

Will I Be Provided With a Private Hire Vehicle as a Courtesy in the Case of an Accident?

In the event of a non-fault accident, all our plans include a fully licensed comparable vehicle (subject to availability). If you desire a licensed courtesy car in the case of a fault collision, you can add this coverage to any Tradewise private hire insurance policy for an extra cost.

About Offering Coverage for Rented or Rental Cars?

All vehicles eligible for private hire vehicle insurance coverage with certain providers must either be owned by the policyholder or leased for an extended period, subject to a minimum duration of 12 months.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement for Drivers?

There is no upper age limit on drivers who can be insured under your private hire insurance UK. Still, any drivers under 25 or over 70 will only be considered by the underwriters after being referred.

Do You Have Private Hire Vehicle Insurance Monthly Policies?

Although all of our insurance policies are annual. We can help you by setting up affordable financing to split the cost of your insurance over 10 monthly instalments.

Do You Arrange Private Hiring Third-Party or Third-Party Fire-and-Theft Policies?

Our policies are fully comprehensive since they provide the best value in car insurance. Contact our team today to get Cheap Taxi Insurance. Protect My Taxi is dedicated to providing the best policies with customisable coverage levels tailored to your needs.

What About Breakdown Coverage for Private Vehicles?

For a charge, you can upgrade your Taxi Fleet Policy to include home start and nationwide private hire breakdown coverage. To lessen the amount of time that your car might be off the road throughout the year, preventing you from working and adding to the inconvenience of being stranded by the side of the road, we advise taking out this extension.

Legal Fees and Claim Management Are Included in the Best Private Hire Insurance.

Our private hire insurance policies encompass comprehensive claims management and include coverage for legal expenses. This means that both the administration of taxi claims and legal fees are covered. Our private hire taxi insurance plans provide full support for claims management and include coverage for legal costs.

Can I Keep My No Claims Bonus on My Taxi Insurance?

Your best private hire insurance UK policy may safeguard your no-claims incentive for as little as one year (subject to the insurance scheme you are placed under). By preserving your no-claims motivation, you can avoid having your entitlement to a discount reduced. Please be aware that your insurer will still factor this into your rate if you have filed a negligence claim.